Shane Tan’s High Yield Resources

Shane’s High-Yield Fellowship Resources


Blogposts advice + Tips for the fellowship


How to Pass the ACEM Fellowship Exam 2015 and beyond: by James Winton.

The Fellowship Exam: by Andrew Coggins. (not 2015 specific)

Review of 2015.1 Exam by a candidate:

EduAcute Blogpost: Hitchhiker’s Guide to ACEM Fellowship Written Exam:


ACEM fellowship exam-specific websites:

*** by Trevor Jackson Exam Questions from Nambour + Caloundra Darwin ED Exam Website MediNuggets (FE 2015 questions) Adelaide Emergency physicians: SAQ and OSCE questions Improving Care in ED: Auckland Hospital ED (FE 2015 questions)

*** Monash Health Fellowship Practice Exam (Written and Clinical) Bendigo ED education Website

*** Christchurch ED education Website: Full set of Exam notes, MCQ questions and advice. Let’s Ace’m Facebook page

  • Unofficial FB page with some tips on “climbing to the summit” of the big exam. Has links to good FOAMed resources, hopefully will get some more useful comments from current “climbers”!



***Emergency Medicine Reviews and Perspectives EMRAP: : $50/year if trainee

***Critical Care Perspectives in Emergency Medicine (CCPEM) : $60/year

***EMEDHOME : $99/year

EMCRIT: : free

ERCAST: : free

Free Emergency Talks: : free. Joe Lex’s collection of audio recordings of conference lectures.

Paeds Podcasts: (Australian) and (USA)


***ECG Weekly : $26/year. Amal Mattu’s Weekly Videos on ECGs. Makes hard concepts seem understandable.

EMEDHOME : $99/year.

  • Collection of Conference Lecture Videos

CME Download: : $350/year

  • Collection of Conference Lecture Videos

HippoEM : $249/year if trainee (from $795 a year)

  • USA Board Review website from makers of EMRAP. Good overview of all topics but a bit superficial for fellowship. Toxicology and Paeds sections are at fellowship level.

Essentials of EM

  • Yearly conference from the makes of EMRAP. Good 15-20 min talks. Entertaining but superficial for fellowship. : SMACC and ICN videos


***Advanced Fellowship in Emergency Medicine Revision. 4 days course. Questions, Lectures, Mock Exam. (No Paeds)

***APEM Australia. (Advanced Paediatric Emergency Medicine) Pre-course trial exam, Lectures, Exam Preparation Day. (4 days including pre-course exam)

Teemwork: Melbourne Based. Staff includes examiners.

Kamikaze Fellowship Exam Course by Peter Kas. (Online Study Program with Questions)

***Radiology Courses by Radiopaedia: (Online or IRL (In-Real-Life)) Recommended by Dan Adams.

  • Emergency Radiology Course
  • Trauma Radiology Course


***ECG Weekly : $26/year. Amal Mattu’s Weekly Videos on ECGs. Makes hard concepts seem understandable.

***ECG for the emergency physician 1 and 2 by Amal Mattu

John Larkin’s (FACEM) ECG of the Week


ACEM fellowship Exam Review : Toxicology Essentials (The Online Lecture Series)

Toxicology Handbook by Murray (2nd edition)

Blogs to Follow

Academic Life in Emergency Medicine

St. Emlyn’s

The Blunt Dissection (Australian)



Flashcard Program: great to remember lists

Flashcard programs such as Anki apply the principles of spaced repetition. They are the modern equivalent of physical flash cards. The advantages of using these programs is that they:

  • sync between desktop, phone and tablet devices
  • Keep track of which cards need more repetition and which cards don’t.

Check out this review on Anki by PC world:

And also the Anki Website.

OSCE Resources

***Monash Advice on Clinical Exam + OSCE Handbook:

***Monash OSCE resources:

***Adelaide Emergency physicians:

eduAcute BlogPost: Dungeons and Dragons and the OSCE Exam:

Teemwork OSCE course (VIC)

AFEM OSCE course (QLD)

Westmead ACE the OSCE Course: (NSW)

Simulation for the OSCE Exam/CHUSE Communcation for the OSCE Exam:

Christchurch OSCE Preparation Course (1 day: NZ)



Mastering Emergency Medicine: A Practical Guide: A Comprehensive Guide for MCEM by Chetan R. Trivedy, Matthew Hall, Andrew Parfitt ISBN1853157449



***Book: Emergency Medicine MCQs by Waruna De Alwis.

***OWN the ABG! by Dr Luke Lawson, Corinne Ryan ISBN9780992424510

***Email newsletter: Emailed educational pearls from the University of Maryland Emergency Department.

Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America: Good review articles on EM topics.


@acemonline: ACEM twitter account




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