What is Top End Exam?

Top End Exam is a brand new website as of Dec 2015, aimed at ACEM Fellowship Candidates in the Northern Territory. Over time we plan to upload resources, exam questions, old papers and plenty of tips and tricks to help you pass the dreaded exam the first time round. The site will also double as a communication site for RDH trainees to access schedules and pre-reading for organised teaching sessions. Its a work in progress and will take some time to collate and upload resources – so please be patient and watch this space for new content.

If you have anything to contribute, suggestions or wish to be a guest blogger please contact me on topendexam.com.

(Note: This site is not affiliated to any college, hospital or other organisation. It is free of charge and open access to anyone that wishes to use it. The material is correct to the best of my knowledge but I cannot be help responsible for errors, passes or fails as a result of its use)