Anaesthetics SAQ 1

Anaesthetics SAQ 1

 Pre-Accident (patients Employment ID Card)

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Post Intubation in ED

facial trauma


A 24 year old woman is BIBA after being involved in a head on MVA at high speed. She was the unrestrained driver travelling at high speed. She was agitated and confused (GCS 10), with Cspine precautions in situ on arrival.



P 130

BP 90/60

Sats 91% (FI02 1.0)

RR 28

Temp 35.6


Question 1

The decision is made to intubate. What are the factors that will make safe intubation with an RSI more difficult in this case ? (Max 6 )


Question 2

State the measures that you will employ to improve your chances of successful first pass intubation without complications? (Max 7)


Question 3

First pass intubation appears successful, how will you confirm the correct position of the ETT? (Max 3 )

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