OSCE_SIM_LA Toxicity

OSCE: Local Anaesthetic Toxicity

Double Length Station – 3 mins reading, 17 mins



Medical Expertise                                        ☐       Prioritisation and Decision Making         ☐

Communication                                            ☐       Leadership and Management                    ☐




It is a busy shift in an urban ED. A 37 year old intoxicated female has presented to ED with a 10cm superficial wound to her left leg, after being involved in a fight in a nightclub. She has been very rude to multiple staff members and is currently having her leg sutured by an RMO. The RMO embarked on suturing the leg in an unmonitored side room, without the advice or knowledge of the duty ED Consultant. The patient has begun to feel unwell and has called in the consultant for help.



  • Candidate
    • When you enter the room you must establish from the RMO and patient what has happen thus far. You must then take appropriate action with both the clinical situation and when the patient leaves the room, the RMO. You must explain to the RMO how the patient might deteriorate, and how they would need to be managed. You do not need to examine the patient or perform any procedures. There will be a Time Out announced by the examiner 5 minutes from the end of the OSCE, this is the signal for the patient to leave the room, and for you to de-brief with the RMO.




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